With over 20,000 car-crazy spectators pouring into the 2014 Meguiar’s MotorEx held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, the Love of Cars Real Street Blvd is exposed to a huge audience. And being the teaser for what spectators will find once they walk through the main turnstiles, the Love of Cars Real Street Blvd always attracts immense interest with various makes and models consisting of unique or budget builds.

The 2013 car proved to be the center of attention with a steady crowd through the day. Motoring enthusiasts of all ages were interested to learn about the performance specification of the car and William Page, our steering team member provided them with information and the immense amount of design and manufacturing that went into this car. 

Whilst visiting Melbourne all the way from the United States, Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero in dropped into the MUR office to give us some advice on the 2014 aerodynamic kit. We’d like to thank Andrew for his valuable insights! 


Lee Rogers
Aerodynamics Team Leader

Greetings to our valued sponsors, family and friends,

A very warm welcome to the first newsletter release for 2014! We would like to apologise for the delay and have put together a bumper edition with all our site visits, club events and progress updates from Semester 1.

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We would like to thank our major sponsor 101 Collins Street Pty. Ltd. and in particular Phillip Morley, Manager - Finance and Administration and Donna Anthony, Manager - Client Services and Tenant Relationships for hosting our 2013 car for the week from Monday 9th June to Sunday 15th June. Please visit our static display to view the racecar in close detail, drop off your business card and collect our latest June Newsletter.

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The Engine team and other team members visited Honda Australia Rider Training Center today. We were given a tour of the facility with its vintage bikes and introduced to rest of the team working there by Greg Snart at Honda Motorcycles. Thanks for their continued support for more than a decade and offer to utilise their facilities for engine rebuilds in the near future.

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The team visited the Surdex Steel Distribution warehouse in Dandenong. We were briefed on what we would be provided with for the year and shown around the two main facilities. Look forward to Steeling the show in December!

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The team visited Laser3D today who have been helping us out for a number of years. We were greeted by Terry Leonard and his team who were excited to see the race-car. They showed us around their facilities as well as briefed the team on how to laser cut chassis tubing later on in the year. Look forward to working with them very soon!

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The team visited Heron Technology Group in Braeside who provide us with laser and waterjet cutting assistance. Thanks to Tony and the team for their support over the years.



The team visited our paint sponsor, PPG Australia today. We were given a comprehensive tour of the paint manufacturing process from the lab to the processing facilities. Thanks to Sally Atkinson (Executive Coordinator Refinish) for organising this fantastic day!

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The 2014 team visited Cablex today with the car. We displayed the car in the company parking lot for the Managing Director, Michael Zimmer and his team to appreciate and critique. We received some valuable feedback for the electrical sub-team. It was a very productive and informative day and we look forward to working with Cablex later in the year.

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